Installing R, RStudio, and Rattle for Windows

Installing R

  1. Download R 3.2.0 for Windows.
  2. Run the installer – accepting all default options.

Installing RStudio

  1. Download RStudio 0.98.1103 for Windows.
  2. Run the installer.

Installing Rattle

  1. Run R.
  2. To install Rattle 3.4.1 and all other packages that Rattle uses at once – enter install.packages(“rattle”, dep=c(“Suggests”)) at the command prompt > – (this is a rather long install!)
  3. To run Rattle, enter
  • > library(rattle)
    > rattle()
  • The RGtk2 package has yet to be installed – You’ll get an error popup indicating that libatk-1.0-0.dll is missing – click on the OK -then you’ll be asked if you would like to install GTK+ – click OK to download the appropriate GTK+ libraries for your computer- when this is done, exit and restart R so that it can find the newly installed libraries. (Note: GTK+ has been configured to use the Microsoft Windows theme engine – so Rattle will look like other Windows applications in terms of colour and style).



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