ISA Action 1.3 – Improving semantic interoperability in eGovernment systems

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Study ICatalog of (Web) Services (CoS) – focused on the set-up of a common catalog containing cross-border services and its interoperability aspects. Its scope was limited to online administration-to-administration web services that involve the exchange of information.

Study IIFederated Catalog of Public Services (FCOPS) – focused on the set-up of a catalog of public services offered by all public administrations at all government levels in all EU Member States, which are the members of the ISA Program. Models of catalogs were defined and investigated according to ISA’s LOST (Legal, Operational, Semantic and Technical) principles. The specific goals were to:

  • Analyze the existing public services models and recommend what should be done to set up a common public services model
  • Determine the feasibility of building a European FCOPS
  • Define a roadmap with concrete set of steps on how to implement the catalog

See more about Action 1.3: Catalog of services and a presentation on Action 1.3: Catalog of Services – November 2014.

The study consists of two Work Packages (WPs), each with a Final Report as main deliverable:

WP 1 focused on the current state of affairs in the Member States in the field of catalogs of public services – D1.3 Phase I Final report
WP 1 -Current State of Affairs
– August 2013.

WP 2 examined the requirements and different scenarios for establishing a FCOPS, and proposed an action plan on how to achieve this – D2.2 Phase II Final report
WP 2 -Requirements and Scenarios
– June 2013.