ISA – Trusted Information Exchange

While seamless data exchange is becoming ever more important in Europe, there is a need for agreements and guidance in this area – both at the European Commission and Member State levels – that ensure that the information is exchanged in a secure and trustworthy manner.

The Trusted Information Exchange cluster within the Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) program tackles the challenges posed by the different administrative, technical and legal backgrounds of the Member States, which can hinder the smooth and secure transfer of data. Different Actions address topics such as semantics, information availability and usage, trust and privacy, and the catalog of services.

Action 1.1 – Promoting semantic interoperability among the European Union Member States.
Action 1.2 – Access to base registries of government data.
Action 1.3 – Accessing Member State information resources at European level, Catalog of Services.
Its main objectives:

  • Harmonization around national and European service catalogs to give a better insight for European public administrations in what is available and how to access this information
  • Interconnect the service catalogues of all the public administrations
  • Build cross-border services
Action 1.4 – ECAS-STORK integration of electronic identities (eIDs).
Action 1.5 – STORK sustainability of eIDs.
Action 1.6-1.19 – Procurement bundle – CIPA – Common Infrastructure for Public Administrations Sustainability (including PEPPOL).
Action 1.7 – e-PRIOR electronic procurement platform.
Action 1.8 – Trusted Exchange Platform – e-Trustex.
Action 1.9 – TSL and eSignature creation/verification tools.
Action 1.10 – IMI – the Internal Market Information System.
Action 1.11 – GENIS – Generic Interoperable Notification Services.
Action 1.12 – Open source software to support the European Citizens’ Initiative.
Action 1.13 – LEOS – Legislation Editing Open Software.
Action 1.14 – SOLVIT – effective problem solving in Europe.
Action 1.15 – Open Government Data.
Action 1.16 – Open Government Data.
Action 1.17 – Reusable generic tools.
Action 1.18 – Common Services.
Action 1.19 – [Application of EU law – details left blank].
Action 1.20 – [blank].
Action 1.21 – European Legislation Identifier (ELI).