REA-Hruby – Structural Patterns at the Policy Level

Structural Patterns at the Operational Level are used to model economic exchanges that have actually occurred.

Structural Patterns at the Policy Level are used to model economic exchanges that should, could, or should not occur under certain conditions.


  • Policy Pattern
  • Policy and the Exchange Process:
    • Commitment Pattern
      • Commitment Relationships:
        • Provide and Receive relationship between Commitments and Agents
        • Exchange Reciprocity and Conversion Reciprocity relationship between Increment and Decrement Commitments
        • Reservation relationship between Commitments and Resources or Resource Types
        • Fulfilment relationship between Commitments and Events
      • Commitment Properties:
        • Scheduled Date property
        • Scheduled Value property
      • Domain rules
    • Contract Pattern
      • Offer and Quote
      • Agreement
  • Policy and the Conversion Process:
    • Schedule Pattern
  • Supports for infrastructure at the policy level:
    • Group Pattern – typically supports Policies
    • Type Pattern – typically supports Commitments
  • Supports for business logic:
    • Linkage Pattern
    • Responsibility Pattern
    • Custody Pattern

Source: Hruby, P – Model-driven design using business patterns – 2006

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