An Index to Inspection Reports Issued for LTC Homes in Ontario (2010-2020)


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On May 9, 2020, we released a consolidated database of 626 Long-Term Care (LTC) Homes in Ontario, derived from information published by the provincial government. Today we’re supplementing this database with an Index to Inspection Reports issued for LTC Homes in the province between April 2010 and March 2020.

Primary Source

Our primary source was the Ontario government’s Reports on Long-Term Care Homes website.


As noted in our May 9, 2020 posting, the source code for the website’s Search-by-Home-Name API included links to Home Reports on every LTC Home. These links allowed us to automate a process for accessing the Profiles and Inspection Findings of every LTC Home on the website. These Profiles were incorporated previously in our consolidated database of LTC Homes; these Inspection Findings are incorporated here into our Index of Reports of Inspections Issued to these same LTC Homes.

Final Results

Our consolidated database profiled 626 Long-Term Care Homes currently licensed to operate in Ontario. As a further assistance to researchers, we have compiled an Index to Reports of Inspections Issued to these LTC Homes between April 2010 – March 2020. The Index is described in Table 1 and is made available as a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet.

MOH_PRO_ID*A unique identifier assigned to an MOH service provider.
NAMEEnglish name of the LTC Home service provider.
_INSPECTION_TYPE*There were six main types of inspection: Resident Quality Inspection; Complaints Inspection; Critical Incident Inspection; Mandatory Inspection; Follow-Up Inspection; and Other Inspection. Every type of inspection may be accompanied with Order(s) of the Inspector, e.g. Complaints Inspection with Order(s) of the Inspector. There were occasional references to three other types of inspection: Director Order Follow-Up Inspection; Notification of Cease of Admissions; and Lifting of Cease of Admissions.
_DOCUMENT_IDA unique identifier in two parts (separated by a hyphen): a unique identifier for the Inspection Report and a unique identifier for the LTC Home. (In April 2020, the URL of the PDF version of the Inspection Report included both identifiers).
Table 1. Index to Reports of Inspections Issued to LTC Homes in Ontario 2010-2020 (May 19, 2020). *Fieldnames beginning with a capital letter denote data obtained from the Ontario government’s Ministry of Health Service Providers Locations (MOHSERLO) dataset; fieldnames beginning with an underscore (“_”) denote data obtained from the Reports on LTC Homes website.
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