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The corporate website for the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (Oblates) advises that “OMI Lacombe Canada was founded in 2003 in response to the changing face of the Roman Catholic Church in Canada. We are part of the worldwide congregation of priests and brothers called The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate who serve the poor in more than 60 countries on five continents. The Oblates first arrived in Canada in 1841. As the young country grew we grew with it, quickly moving west and serving First Nations, Inuit and Metis people along with the early immigrant communities from Europe, and founding most of the dioceses west of Ottawa.”
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Oblates’ list of their Indian Residential Schools

The Oblates’ website lists 48 Indian Residential Schools in which the Oblates worked and the years the Oblates were the administrators of each institution.1Accessed December 22, 2022. The HTML source code indicates that the page was last modified on July 18, 2022. We compared the Oblates’ list and our list and found that these 14 Indian Residential Schools were missing from the Oblates’ list:

Table 1. Missing Indian Residential Schools from the Oblates’ list of their operations (2022).
17 Lac La Biche Notre Dame des Victoires Lac La Biche, AB
22 St. Albert Youville St. Albert, AB
29 Anahim Lake Anahim, BC
46 Brandon Brandon, MB
49 Notre Dame Hostel Cross Lake, MB
67 Fort Simpson Lapointe Hall Fort Simpson, NT
70 Fort Smith Grandin College Fort Smith, NT
72 Inuvik Grollier Hall Inuvik, NT
78 Chesterfield Inlet Turquetil Hall Chesterfield Inlet, NU
108 Amos Amos Student Residence; St-Marc Residence; St-Marc-de-Figuery Amos, PQ
118 Pointe Bleue Pointe Bleue, PQ
119 Sept-Iles Sept-Iles, PQ
129 Fort Pelly Kamsack Kamsack/Fort Pelly, SK
144 Whitehorse Coudert Hall Whitehorse, YK

We are publishing the Oblates’ list of their Indian Residential Schools as an Open Spreadsheet Document (ODS) with the following data fields:

Table 2. Data fields in the Oblates’ list of their Indian Residential Schools (2022).
Field Description
IRS_ID Identifier for the institution in oirs_2022-12-17-1
OMI_SOURCE OMI Lacombe website, In which Residential Schools did the Oblates work? (2022).
OMI_IRS_NAME Primary name assigned to the institution.
OMI_LOCATION Town/city, province/territory.
OMI_DATES Opening and closing dates.

On inspection, the Oblates’ list seems to provide an option for addressing at least some of the discrepancies among the primary names and aliases that have been assigned to Indian Residential Schools by other authorities.
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We have published five datasets related to 62 Indian Residential Schools that were managed by the Oblates:

  • oirs_2022-12-17-1: our initial dataset of basic identifying information that was derived mainly from the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2015).
  • oirs_sched-e-f_2007: Canada’s initial list of Indian Residential Schools that were covered by the IRSSA (2007).
  • oirs_aandc_2015: the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s version of Canada’s final list of Indian Residential Schools covered by the IRSSA (2015).
  • oirs_ocn_2015: the Official Court Notice’s version of Canada’s final list of Indian Residential Schools that were covered by the IRSSA (2015).
  • oirs_oblates_2022: the Oblates’ list of their Indian Residential Schools (2022).

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Next steps

So far our datasets have provided basic information (town/city, province/territory) about the location of the Oblates’ Indian Residential Schools. We next look to incorporate more precise geolocation data into the picture.

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