Presentations re: Macdonald Holding Court to PEC Council




On November 26, 2019, PEC Council received a deputation from Paul Allen and comments from four members of the audience requesting that the County defer the re-installation of the statue of Macdonald “Holding Court” on Picton Main Street until there’s been an opportunity for residents to learn of this pending change in our common space and to share their perspectives with Council.

A recording of the deputation and comments is available on the County’s corporate website. Councillors Roberts, McNaughton, and Margetson had comments and questions for Mr. Allen. Councillors Roberts and McNaughton, and Mayor Ferguson, had comments and questions for Ms. Hart. For ease of reference:

PresenterStart TimeEnd TimeDocuments
Paul Allen1:32:401:58:56Transcription
Angela Lammes2:11:022:11:41Transcription
Annette McIntosh2:11:482:13:56Transcription
Carlin Thompson2:14:092:15:27Transcription
Sharon Hart2:15:462:22:23Transcription