Macdonald Holding Court on Picton Main Street

Upcoming Public Discussion re: Macdonald Holding Court on Picton Main Street




Prince Edward County’s municipal council (Council) has announced that the Prince Edward Heritage Advisory Committee (PEHAC) is expected to lead a public discussion about the Macdonald statue’s future in Picton. The Agenda Package for the PEHAC’s next meeting on July 2, 2020 includes Draft Terms of Reference and Membership of for a Heritage Advisory Committee Working Group (PEHAC-WG) that will advise the PEHAC and Council on the matter.

The Goals and Purposes of the PEHAC-WG are to:

  1. Follow the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Principles of Reconciliation.
  2. Conduct research, carry out surveys and prepare documentation, as necessary, to assist the PEHAC and Council in their decision on the future of the statue in Picton.
  3. Provide a report to Council by September 1, 2020 outlining a recommendation for the future of the statue in Picton.

Draft Membership of the PEHAC-WG includes:

  1. An undetermined number of members of the PEHAC. The Chair of the PEHAC-WG will be a member of the PEHAC.
  2. One representative of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte.
  3. One representative of All Welcome Here.
  4. One public representative determined by the PEHAC.
  5. One member of The Macdonald Project.
  6. One member of the Prince Edward Museum Advisory Committee.

The PEHAC-WG will meet as required. Should a public meeting be required, staff will provide support, on direction from the Chief Administrative Officer.

The PEHAC-WG will act as a resource to the PEHAC and will not have any delegated authority. Recommendation for implementation to Council will be provided via the PEHAC.

The term of the PEHAC-WG will be until a decision is made by Council regarding the future of the statue’s future in Picton.