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Public schools in Ontario 2021-22


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With an eye to surveying cases of COVID-19 in the province’s public schools, we are publishing the Mainstream public schools in Ontario 2021-22 dataset.

Data sources

Our primary data sources are the provincial government’s Publicly-funded elementary and secondary schools in Ontario (November 2021) (the “Publicly-funded schools dataset”), the School information and student demographics (November 2021) (the “School information and student demographics dataset”), and the  Enrolment by school 2019-20 (October 2020) (the “School enrolment dataset”).

School Special Condition Code

The Publicly-funded schools dataset includes 5,875 elementary and secondary schools. Every school is assigned one of thirteen values of a School Special Condition Code. We have decided to focus on schools with one of these Special Condition Codes:

  • Not Applicable
  • Alternative
  • Junior High School
  • Vocational/Occupational

For brevity’s sake, we’ll refer to these four categories of schools as mainstream schools.

Mainstream schools account for 4,850 (82.6%) of publicly-funded schools and an estimated 2,040,075 students out of an estimated total enrolment of 2,044,430 (99.8%).1The Ontario government assigns the symbol “<10” when a school’s enrolment is less than 10. In these cases, we replace the symbol “<10” with a numeric value of 5 in order to estimate student enrolment. We arrive at these estimates of student enrolment by category of mainstream school:  Not Applicable (2,009,150, or 98.3% of estimated total enrolment), Alternative (11,025), Junior High School (3,775), and Vocational/Occupational (16,125).

Additional Administrative Information

We add the following administrative information to the Publicly-funded schools dataset:

  • Student enrolment (2019-20)
  • Geo-coordinates
  • Public Health Unit
  • Health Region


We are publishing the Mainstream public schools in Ontario 2021-22 dataset as a machine-readable, Tab-Separated-Value (tsv) file.


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