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Revera’s business is “privileged and confidential”


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On Monday, Revera Inc. released “A Perfect Storm: The COVID-19 Experience for Revera and the Long-Term Care Sector.” CBC describes Revera’s report as “undertaken by an external advisory panel, made up mostly of doctors and experts in the medical field who volunteered their time.” The Public Service Alliance of Canada calls the report a “slick corporate public relations exercise.”

The Ontario Health Coalition’s Fact Sheet on Revera Inc. includes information about:

  • Who is Revera?
  • Political Connections
  • Infection & Death Rates at Revera Homes During the First Wave of COVID-19
  • Legal Actions Against Revera
  • The Call to Make Revera Public

In the public’s interest, I asked Thomas Wellner, Revera CEO, and Dr. Robert Bell, Chair of Revera’s Expert Advisory Panel, to share two sources for Revera’s report:

1. On page 8, Dr. Bell remarks “When, after nearly three months of investigation, the experts presented their advice in the dry, clinical and scientific prose that we would expect, Revera commissioned a respected journalist and author to create this document …” I’d appreciated your sharing the Expert Advisory Panel’s original submission to Revera.

2. The Report refers to Revera’s “internal data” – I’d appreciate your sharing whatever company data that the Expert Advisory Panel relied upon in coming to its conclusions.

Susan Schutta, Revera’s VP, Corporate Affairs, has advised:

Unfortunately the information that you have requested is privileged and confidential and therefore we are not able to share it publicly.  However, please let me know if you have specific questions about the report.

I shared my regret with Ms. Schutta that Revera regards the sources for its report as privileged and confidential. I asked one specific question about the report: Who wrote it? I hope for an answer today.

UPDATE: As of January 22, 2021, I’ve heard nothing from Ms. Schutta or anyone else at Revera.