FH Dobbin – Emigration into the District of Bathurst, Upper Canada (1923)




The Archives of Ontario’s inventory of the Peter Robinson papers mistakenly includes materials relating to the 1823 emigration in Section 10: Emigrants embarked at Cove, 1825. These materials include original lists of passengers on board the Hebe and Stakesby, as well as alphabetical lists of passengers derived from the originals. The provenance of the latter lists is described in a nearby memorandum, dated November 10, 1923, written by Peterborough newspaperman and historian, FH Dobbin, whose signature seems to match the lists’ handwriting (Table 1). Apparently Dobbin himself prepared the lists for publication in the Perth Courier, as part of the newspaper’s commemoration of the centenary of the Robinson emigration to the Bathurst District.

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Table 1. Memorandum from FH Dobbin, November 10, 1923, and extract from list of passengers on board the Hebe, 1823.

For convenience, we have transcribed Dobbin’s memorandum:


UPPER CANADA. & — 1923.

The following pages form a complete list of those who came out from Ireland in the year 1823, and were located in the District of Bathurst, (now a part of the Counties of Leeds and Lanark, in Ontario Province.

The shipping lists of the vessels “Stakesby” and “Hebe” have been copied and placed alphabetically for convenience of reference.

Copy of this list has been forwarded to the Perth (Ontario) Courier newspaper, Messrs. Walker Bros, the proprietors, for publication, November 1923.

Not all the location papers were returned, or given up at the time of fulfilmeent of the settlement duties. Hence many names are not indicated as to lots and concessions and townships on which placed.

In any case, noted on the following lists, reference may be made to the location papers, issued by the Land Board for Bathurst District. These location papers are attached, or place in this or other bundle.

November 10, 1923.

[signed] F. H. Dobbins