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  • Identifying Canada’s Indian Residential Schools

    Identifying Canada’s Indian Residential Schools was challenging for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and remains challenging for us today. The TRC recognized that the “Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (IRSSA) provides the most comprehensive listing of Canadian residential schools for Aboriginal people,” but also observed that “issues combine to complicate any attempt to list […]

  • AANDC’s “Recognized Institutions”

    Applications and decisions We have seen that Canada issued periodic updates of its decisions regarding applications to add institutions to the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (IRSSA) under Article 12. The last available update (March 28, 2013) concerns applications and Canada’s decisions regarding 1,502 institutions, which we analyze. Recognized institutions Canada also issued periodic updates […]

  • AANDC’s “Recognized Institutions”

    By our reckoning, Canada identified (at some point, at least) a total of 146 institutions as Indian Residential Schools under the IRSSA: The original IRSSA listed 131 Indian Residential Schools Canada agreed to add 6 institutions under Article 12 Courts ordered Canada to add 4 institutions under Article 12 Canada added 5 institutions to one […]