Selecting “Schools” from the dropdown list of channels to browse, takes the user to the Schools landing page (Figure 1). Now, clicking the link to Coudert Hall (for example) takes us to the school’s landing page. To the left and right of the photograph of Coudert Hall (Figure 2a), we are presented with three categories… Continue reading Schools

Information, Truth and Reconciliation

The Reports and 94 Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRCC) were published in 2015. Appreciating and responding to this rich body of work will take generations of study, reflection, planning, and engagement. The politics of Truth and Reconciliation — politics that is both visible on the surface and also… Continue reading Information, Truth and Reconciliation

Taking on the Catholic Church – Part I

A Renewal Grim discoveries of many hundreds of unmarked graves on the grounds of the former Kamloops and Marieval Indian Residential Schools have renewed calls for the Government of Canada and Christian Churches to be accountable for their parts in a campaign of genocide waged against First Nations. So far, the Catholic Church has been… Continue reading Taking on the Catholic Church – Part I

John A. Macdonald: Nation-builder, Nation-destroyer

Dr. Sean Carleton, an assiatant history professor at the University of Manitoba, appeared before the Holding Court Statue Working Group via Zoom on Friday afternoon. Dr. Carleton said the statue should be removed from its position in front of the Picton Library. Whig Standard, September 28, 2020.

On September 25, 2020, Sean Carleton, Assistant Professor in the Departments of History and Native Studies at the University of Manitoba, made a deputation to the Macdonald Working Group in Prince Edward County. Dr. Carleton spoke about Macdonald’s legacy as a nation-builder and a nation-destroyer, and about the difference between history and commemoration. With permission,… Continue reading John A. Macdonald: Nation-builder, Nation-destroyer

George Manuel recalls the Kamloops IRS of the 1920s

George Manuel: "Every Indian student smelled of hunger" at the Kamloops IRS in the 1920s.

George Manuel, the future founder of the National Indian Brotherhood, carried three strong memories from his years at the Kamloops, British Columbia, residential school in the 1920s. These were: “hunger; speaking English; and being called a heathen because of my grandfather.” The memories of hunger dominated. He was hungry from his first day at the… Continue reading George Manuel recalls the Kamloops IRS of the 1920s