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  • W3C Organization Ontology

    Modified: 5.2 Organizational structure 5.2.1 Class: Organization Represents a collection of people organized together into a community or other social, commercial or political structure. The group has some common purpose or reason for existence which goes beyond the set of people belonging to it and can act as an Agent. Organizations are often decomposable into hierarchical structures.…

  • Graphs and TriG-Star


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    Technologies Resource Description Framework RDF 1.1 RDF 1.1 Turtle RDF 1.1 TriG RDF-star Turtle-star TriG-star Ontologies Records in Context Agreements Contracts Parties Legal Entity Identifier Legal Persons Judiciary Agents Government Entities Corporations Functional Entity Roles Relations Annotation Organization LODE: Linked Open Description of Events Turtle A Turtle document allows writing down an RDF graph in…

  • Starting on OBLATES-LOD


    I’ve recently posted about the challenge of establishing basic facts about Indian Residential Schools (IRS) in Canada, e.g. How many were there? What were their names? When were they open? Who attended them? I’m convinced that Linked Open Data (LOD) and semantic web technologies will help us overcome this challenge. OBLATES-LOD applies these technologies to…