William Moher – Land Patent Case File – 1831-1844

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{stamped p. 1046}

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No. [blank]


William Maher has permission to occupy and improve the East half of Lot No. Five in the Sixth Concession, in the Township of Douro in the Newcastle District as a purchaser under the regulations of the Government, published and bearing date the first day of December 1831, and his interest in the said Lot depends on his duly observing the conditions of those regulations, and upon his actual residence on the said Lot.

Commissioner of Crown Lands Office,

York, the 23rd day of December 1831.

{illegible signature of Commission}

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{stamped No. 1047}

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William Maher

E 1/2 5 6th Con.


Peterboro’ 23rd Dec 1831

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{stamped No. 1048}

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No. [blank]


I William Mahar do hereby acknowledge that I have settled upon the East half of Lot No. Five in the Sixth Concession, in the Township of Douro in the District of Newcastle containing One hundred Acres, more or less, by the permission of the Government, and upon the following conditions, that is to say: I am to pay to His Majesty’s Commissioner for Crown Lands, for the said Land, the sum of Twenty-five pounds Currency, in four equal payments of Six pounds, five shillings each, the first payment to be made on the first day of January 1835, without interest, provided the same be then punctually paid.

The second to be made on the first day of January 1836, the third on the first day of January 1837 and the fourth, and last, on the first day of January 1838, with interest on each of the said last three payments, from the first day of January 1835.

And in case I shall punctually fulfil these conditions, I am to receive a Patent under the Great Seal, in fee simple, free of expense, or my heir or devisee in case of my death; subject to reservations for Roads or other Public purposes, according to the present regulations of the Government in that respect.

Peterborough the 23 day of December 1831.

His Mark X William Mahar


{illegible signature}

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{stamped No. 1049}

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{postage stamped Peterboro U.C. July 27, 1844}

{handwritten cost of postage}: 1 / -/2

{addressed to} R. A. Tucker, Esq.

Provincial Registrar,



Peterboro, 27 July 1844

{illegible signature – T. A…?}

For James Moher’s deed of Lot E 1/2 5 in 6 Con. Douro.


{postage stamp Montreal L.C. July 31, 1844}

Answered 1st August 1844

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{stamped No. 1050}

{front of letter}

Peterborough, July 27th, 1844

[to R. A. Tucker Esq. etc etc]

Land claimed East 1/2 5 ub tge 6th Douro, Colborne District


Is the Grant from the Crown to James Moher (or Maher) ready? If so, please enclose it to him at your earliest possible convenience addressed to this place. This was one of many claims undertaken by the late James Gardiner Armour Esq. of this place & I write to you as the Attorney of his Executors. Claimant Moher has already paid the charges for taking out his patent & he is becoming very importunate in consequence of not having had it long ago. An agent in Kingston applied for it under Power of Attorney some days before the offices closed there & he was told that instructions had been some time before sent to your office to have it [illegible]. My I again beg that you will have the patent made out & sent with all convenient despatch.

I remain Sir, your obedient servant,

A. Rubidge &

Ivan O’Beirne

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{stamped No. 1051}

{back of letter}

Provincial Registra]r’s Office

Montreal. July 31, 1844

Referred to the Office of the Commissioner of Crown Lands with a request that the necessary actions may be taken upon it.

R. A. Tucker, Registrar